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Welcome to Our "House"

Hello there! We're glad you're here. Yes, this blog is new, but my love of writing is not. For as long as I can remember I've always loved putting pen to paper- or these days, fingers to keys. Unfortunately writing was put on the back burner for awhile. It's been a busy four years, what with getting married, driving 10,000+ miles in a year, having a baby, and moving to West Africa. But more on all that later. Recently a friend from church asked me to contribute to her blog for a time. It reignited this love I have of writing and sharing our lives with others. So here we are.

When thinking about the name of our site, I thought through many names. The one that really spoke to me was Chez McVicker. In French, "chez" means "at or in the home of." I love hosting people in our home. Come to our house and there will always be coffee, a meal, or my favorite: popcorn. I love when people stop by, invited or unannounced. It may not always be pretty or put together, but we love inviting people into our messy, grace-filled lives.

Well as you've probably noticed our blog is not named Chez McVicker and not because the domain name was already taken. I asked Davy for some ideas and he came up with The McVicker Mile. I knew that was the perfect name because chez McVicker is constantly on the move. You see, in four years, we've lived a lot of places. A dorm room in Winter Park, Florida for new staff training with Cru. The houses of family and friends for a few months at a time while we were raising our financial support. The house my husband purchased as a single that at one time had six guys living in it. Our apartment in Cote d'Ivoire. And of course, all the hotels, Air BnB's, and friends' houses in between in the US, France, Spain, and Thailand. And trust me it's not going to stop. We'll call home wherever we are; at all the conferences, summer mission assignments, and wherever else the Lord calls us.

You're always welcome at chez McVicker... wherever in the world that may be. But that's our life: on the move, following God's call to reach college students with the Gospel. So come walk a mile (or two) with us. For us the miles are many, but they are oh, so sweet.


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