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Summer 22 Prayer Letter

Ivory Coast

In yet another unbelievable and disappointing turn of events Aiden tested positive for Covid the night before he and Davy were supposed to leave for Ivory Coast this summer. Obviously they were incredibly disappointed that they weren’t able to go, however, we do rejoice that the trip went well. Over the course of the summer, between three summer mission teams that came together, the ministry saw about 440 spiritual conversations, 360 clear Gospel presentations, 52 students indicated a decision to receive Christ, and 80 students were challenged to lead spiritual movements on their campus. Praise Jesus!

We plan to go as a family for a week at the end of November. We will be leading a vision trip of 20 people from teams around our region. Please pray for Davy as he plans the details of the trip and that we are actually able to go this time around.

Big Red Welcome

Last weekend we greeted thousands of freshman attending University of Nebraska Lincoln. Davy is pictured above passing out interest surveys. Please pray that we are able to connect with Christian freshman and get them plugged into community. Pray also that lost students would encounter Jesus right away.

Top Notch Leaders

I (Melissa) get the privilege of having Clara (pictured below, in the yellow shirt and handing out surveys at Big Red Welcome) in my coaching group this year. Clara is already an amazing leader and her excitement for Cru is contagious. At our welcome back BBQ, before school even started, she told me that she had already gotten coffee with an incoming freshman and invited her to attend Bible study. Clara is passionate about sharing her faith on campus and building deep community in the Bible study she’s leading. Please pray for her and the other girls I’m coaching, Faith and Becca.

100% Sent

This summer we had the privileged of housing Jett and Bailey. This recently graduated Cru couple was in-between leases before they headed off to their first jobs in Kansas City. We had discipled these two during the years in Cru so t was a joy to invite them to be a part of our family for the summer and to walk alongside them as they neared this massive transition from college life to the adult world.

These two really embody what we hope for all of our students in Cru. All summer we watched them live out what they had learned during their years in Cru: whether it was Jett starting a Bible study at his summer job at a mini golf course or the two of them checking out a church the day after they moved in or lovingly confronting a friend who wasn’t living in accordance with God’s word. It’s clear that the things they learned are deeply rooted and will stick with them forever.

What a joy it is to be a part of students’ lives, not just for 4 years, but for a lifetime. These two truly are 100% sent and we can’t wait to see how the Lord uses them for his glory. Please pray for Jett and Bailey as they make this transition.

Prayer Requests

  • NE campuses have begun school. Please pray for our team as we are in our busiest time of year.

  • Praise God that Noah and Melissa are able to eat everything!

  • Pray for lost students to encounter Jesus this fall.

  • Pray for our upcoming fall retreat. Students from three states will gather for Fall Getaway September 23-25. Pray for new students to come and get plugged into community.

How can we pray for you? Go to the About tab and fill out the "contact us" form.

Life Lately

Row 1: (L) The school year has begun! Aiden is in 1st grade this year (R) this summer we had the privilege of visiting Davy's family in Missouri

Row 2 (L) Marshal is usually reluctant to go to preschool in the morning but always ends up having fun. We enjoy receiving pictures from his teachers (R) it's been fun to watch Noah grow. He's starting to "play" with his brothers which usually means he's breaking the things they made

Row 3: (L) my brothers and sister in law came to visit for the 4th of July (R)we got to spend great time with friends and their kids at our bi-annual Cru conference

Row 4: (L) Our 3 happy travelers on the way to Milwaukee for our bi-annual Cru staff conference. It was a great week connecting with staff and renewing our vision for the college campus.


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