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Spring '22 Prayer Letter


We are thankful for so much this spring as God moved in the lives of college students. We celebrate students like Jett writing a mission statement, making a plan for how he will minister to his co-workers, and looking up churches for when he graduates in a few days and moves to Kansas City. We celebrate new student leader teams being formed at six campuses and attending our one-day Student Leader Training (SLT) event (pictured below). We celebrate partnering with an apologetics group called Ratio Christi to put on an event where around 300 people attended. We celebrate five Nebraskan students going on Summer Missions over the next few months. We celebrate Midland University having 23 students stepping into ministry leadership roles over 12 small group Bible studies. And the list goes on! We have SO much to celebrate and share from this year. To see more stories we shared during our annual statewide fundraising dinner in March and pictures from ministry and our kiddos, see our Year in Review: 2021-2022.

What a Time to be Alive!

Our family has been listening to a song recently that says “I’ll fall in love with the world again… what a time to be alive.” The singer talks about coming back into the light. We feel the need for this mindset as we head into this summer after the challenges in society over the past two years (i.e.- changes Covid caused in ministry have all but disappeared). We pray you too are able to reengage with community and have the hope promised us of new bodies and a new earth in eternity (Romans 8:18-24).

Update on Ivory Coast

Due to Noah’s food sensitivities, Davy and Aiden will be going to Ivory Coast for one week, while Melissa and the boys stay back. Please pray for all the trip details!

Mark your Calendars

If you are in the Springfield area please join us at Christ Community Church on Sunday, June 12th for a ministry update and lunch after 2nd service. Please contact Melissa at to let us know you're coming, how many people in your party, and if you have any dietary needs. We look forward to seeing you!

Melissa enjoyed a double celebration as her 33rd birthday landed on Mother’s Day this year.

Prayer Requests

  • Praise God for another great year of ministry and pray for our summers as they disperse for the summer.

  • Pray for Davy’s trip to Ivory Coast.

  • Continue to pray for Melissa and Noah as we navigate his food realities.

How can we pray for you? Click here to let us know.


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