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September Prayer Letter

New Strategies

Throw out the old beginning of the year playbook: no cafeteria dinner line surveys, no student organization fairs, no entering dorms to meet students. How in the world are we supposed to engage with the freshman class? In our digital age the answer is… Instagram. Melissa and three students gathered together before school started and used UNL Cru’s Instagram page to meet incoming freshman. Since then freshman have been messaging us about Bible studies, coming to our socially distanced drive in movie, and meeting up with our staff and student leaders. One of our staff women, Sarah, got to meet up with a freshman that followed our account. She said that she had been wanting to get involved in a Christian group on campus. She was recently baptized and is so excited to get involved in community. Sarah connected her with one of our weekly Bible studies. Praise God for new strategies and for providing an unexpected way to meet freshman and invite them into life changing community.


Want a free donut? Text us a spiritual question!” Dial-a-Donut is just one evangelistic event we sometimes try, and Jayden, a Cru leader at Hastings, is very excited for this one. Jayden is a sophomore and loves to get into discussions about God with his classmates. Be praying for him and the other leaders as we prep for this event and that many people find truth in Christ as we engage their questions.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for protection against COVID for our staff and students.

  • Pray for us as we navigate complicated ministry realities with social distancing and restrictions from the university.

  • Praise God that he IS moving even in a strange season of ministry.

Students gather in our backyard for a socially distanced dinner to pray for lost students in East Asia. We will be doing these dinners to pray for our different overseas partnership locations. Please pray for our next Global Vision Dinner on October 30th. We will be praying for our Paris partnership.

Aiden started 2X per week pre-school last month. When I asked him if he had a good first day he said, “No! I had a GREAT day!”

Our leaders at Wayne State College doing some tabling on the first day of school. I, Melissa, am virtually coaching Christina, Shelby, and Emma. Davy is able to go to Wayne a few times a month to coach the leaders as well. Please pray for them as they seek to engage their campus with the Gospel.

We became members at our church here in Lincoln. We're so thankful for the amazing community God has provided for us here.

We took the boys on their first camping trip last weekend. They had a blast!


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