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September Prayer Letter

What’s next for the McVicker’s after Africa?

We hope you were able to read our double announcement that was sent out this summer, however, we want to give a more complete picture of what the next season of life holds. We were torn in leaving Cote d’Ivoire. Things are growing rapidly there. Still, we saw the need for someone on this side of the Atlantic Ocean to be passionate about getting laborers to West Africa (and really all of Africa south of the Sahara Desert). We want to launch partnerships into new countries like Guinea, Mali, and Burkina Faso, but we need laborers to do it. We know our unique voice will be able to say “come with us” or “go where we’ve gone” to students here in the United States. We want to raise up more laborers for the harvest there.

Secondly, we got to be a part of something extraordinary and were well trained in how to launch student-led movements on college campuses. We want to bring that to the U.S. Nebraska has 36 college campuses and Cru is currently on seven of them. Our regional leadership decided that our gifts could best be used by helping coach the team in Lincoln on how to reach the other 29 schools in the state. I (Davy) love vision casting and direction setting as a Team Leader and we think that will fit well both in Nebraska and in our region as we seek to encourage our peers (other Team Leaders) to do the same. So pray with us in this next season that we see laborers in the form of college students/graduates sent to Africa and new campuses launched in Nebraska.

Map of our home city in Cote d’Ivoire- Abidjan. Symbols and colors represent colleges and what stage a movement is in. We saw 76 new leaders found/trained in our two years there.

Map of Nebraska. Stars represent colleges where there is already a movement. I (Davy) will be on the road a lot traveling to the distant schools, so pray for safety in Nebraska’s harsh winters and for ready soil.


  • Our house in Springfield has been on the market for almost three months with no offers. Pray for wisdom as to how to move forward.

  • Pray for us as we seek out new monthly financial partners.We are making up a deficit as a few people dropped off over the past two years. $975/month to go!

  • Pray for our new life with two kiddos. Health for momma and baby Marshal and for Aiden’s transition out of being the only child.

Our new team in Nebraska.We spent a week with them in August to plan, prepare, dream, and pray for the new semester. God has been growing this team in numbers the past two years and we are excited to help direct it for at least the next three!

Aiden turned three in August! He is super talkative and full of energy. Now that we’re in the States he enjoys being loved on by grandparents and uncles/aunts. Baby Marshal will be born probably by the time you get this letter! Pictures to come!


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