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Our Special Double Announcement

It's summer mission time which means a crazy busy schedule and lots and lots of rain. Last week we welcomed twenty students, three staff, and two very cute kids. Our days may be jam packed but we LOVE this time year. We can't wait to share what God does over summer mission, but until then we want to share our fun news.... x2.

Announcement #1:

Baby number two is on the way! We are pleased to announce that we are pregnant with our second child. Aiden is a joy and we can’t wait to add a baby brother for him (and us) to enjoy. The due date is mid-October.

Announcement #2:

We have been assigned to the Nebraska Cru Team when we get back to the States! Our two year “STINT” is almost over. Hard to believe that it has passed this fast. So much has happened and we are so thankful for the time we have spent here. There was an intense seeking of the Lord ’s wisdom and calling process to decide whether or not to remain in West Africa, and it is obvious to us that the next chapter of our lives is helping serve the US Campus Ministry in a time of organizational change and in raising up more laborers to serve overseas. Nebraska has proven to be a place where the type of ministry we have been a part of here in Cote d’Ivoire works well and students are willing to invest internationally. We are thankful our Cru leadership has placed us there.

We will be stationed out of Lincoln, NE where there is already an existing team. One of the current team members in Lincoln was also a STINTer here a few years ago and a student from there who is graduating this May has been accepted to STINT here next year. We are SO EXCITED to get to be a part of the team there and for the potential Nebraska holds. This assignment seems to fit both of our giftings well and we are eager to be stretched and grown in leadership through this new role.

We will be leaving Cote d’Ivoire at the end of June. We will then spend the summer/early fall in Springfield, MO enduring re-entry culture shock, raising some lost financial support, preparing to sell our house/move and having a baby.

Please keep us in your prayers this summer as leaving here will be difficult and emotion heavy and transitioning back can sometimes be challenging.


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