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October Prayer Letter

"I Needed This"

Davy and Landon were wrapping up our convo with Shae as she said, “thanks for talking with me. I needed this.” Shae (and her friend Dae) grew up in the church, but has become increasingly agnostic since leaving home. Through our conversation tool, Perspective Cards, she revealed her faith and worldview have went multiple directions. Dae left after the survey, but Shae stuck around to hear Davy explain which cards he would choose (representing the Christian worldview). We think God used that moment to catch her attention. Please pray for her.

If you want to use the Perspective cards Davy was using click here for more information. For other apps you can use to help share your faith check out the God Tools app.

Meeting with church pastors, exploring new campuses, surfacing new leaders, evangelism and discipleship trainings, coaching student leaders, vetting/preparing up-and-coming undergrads for leadership, initiating spiritual conversations and sharing the gospel, engaging students of different cultural backgrounds, developing new resources to advance the mission. It’s a busy, but rewarding work. Thanks for partnering with us in it!

Engaging with the World

I have had the privilege of helping our staff and students engage with God’s heart for every nation hearing the Gospel. We have been challenging students to consider how they can pray, give, or go to the world through weekly content used in their Bible studies. In addition we have been hosting monthly prayer dinners focusing on different areas of the world. We eat, hear vision, and spend time praying for specific areas of the world. Pictured below are students gathered in our home video chatting with "J," a missionary in East Asia, as he shares about his ministry and the needs in the country he serves in. Please pray that our students catch a vision for the world and take steps to be involved. I also had the opportunity to contribute to a website that all of Cru uses to invite students to be involved in the Great Commission. Check out for great resources you can use as well!

Davy has done two evangelism trainings and one discipleship training at Wayne State. Around 40 students have come each time. Pray for them as the implement it!

Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for our students’ global vision. Pray they take steps to pray, give, and go to the world.

  • Pray for students to become disciple multipliers and gospel sharers.

  • Pray for ministry to begin at Creighton and Bellevue.

How can we pray for you? Fill out the "contact us" form on our about page.

We celebrated Marshal’s first birthday last month. We love our spunky, giggly boy. He is walking, waving bye-bye, and trying to keep up with big brother.


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