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November Prayer Letter

Spiritual Multiplication

Emcee Luke gets on stage and a guy in the audience yells, “that’s my dad!” Luke replies, “that’s my son!” Another shouts and Luke says “that’s my grandson!” What these young men are representing is the idea of spiritual multiplication. Following Jesus’ example and command to make disciples and Paul’s exhortation to make disciples who make disciples.

In meeting with a leader, he talked about a slower final semester, yet didn’t mention ministering to the underclassmen. I encouraged him to look for ways to pass on what he has learned to the next generation. Students today are increasingly more and more Biblically illiterate. “Who is Abraham?” “What is the book of Acts about?” These are questions we have heard from Christians. We seek to form them in the foundations of the faith through this spiritual multiplication process of discipleship.

Lives Transformed

As we went around the table of Wayne State leaders last week, Shelby (pictured below) recounted “the Lord has totally transformed her heart.” Tanner & Jackson told of another student who was reserved and distant, now they say it is a “night and day difference” as he talks to people, engages in worship, and is “always talking about Jesus.” Cheyenne, the weekly meeting emcee, said to the crowd after the message, “I didn’t have words to pray before, but now I know what I can say.” She thought she had to say something elegant to God, but now knows she can be real with what is on her heart.

This is why we work with Cru and engage students! God is moving on college campuses in stories like these! The Holy Spirit is transforming the lives of young men and women. Students are sharing the gospel with their peers in evangelism conversations and helping them learn about God’s way through discipleship.

Prayer Requests

  • Our team is losing two staff in the spring. Pray for us as we take on their responsibilities.

  • Pray for students to continue growing spiritually as they go home over Christmas break.

  • Pray for Noah’s allergies and for Melissa with her altered diet.

Noah is 11 weeks old! He has some food allergen issues which made it hard at first, but we are enjoying being a family of five. Aiden and Marshal are sweet big brothers.


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