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May Prayer Letter

Trip to Man

Our team took advantage of Easter Vacation to go on a really far distance trip to a city in Cote d’Ivoire called Man. 11 hours in a bus to get there wasn’t easy, but what was waiting for us was well worth the difficult journey. We held a training for the students and 30 delayed going home for their Easter break in order to receive training on how to share the Gospel and disciple others. We are so thankful for their commitment to reach their fellow students with the Gospel.

Our team was also able to do some fun bonding in Man. We hiked the “dents de Man” which is a large mountain there as well as visited a waterfall, fed some monkeys, and did team building discussion/exercises. It was a great time of ministry and connection for our team.


God at Work in West Africa

We recently had our end of year evaluation meeting. We are thrilled to report that Cru is present on 81 campuses in Cote d’Ivoire. 35 of those are either ministries or movements. A ministry is defined as a campus where the gospel is being shared and discipleship is happening by a few students. A movement is defined as a campus with a student leader and at least 5 aligned students who are sharing their faith, doing discipleship, multiplying leadership, and generating local resources to advance the mission. Praise the Lord for the fruit we’ve seen this year and ask the Lord to continue to move in the lives of these student leaders. Our team hosted the Francophone Africa Catalytic Conference again this year. Staff from 6 nations gathered to be trained on how to better reach ALL the campuses in their cities. We are thankful for these faithful co-laborers all around West Africa. Above Davy is pictured with Willy, from Cameroon.


Prayer Requests

  • Praise the Lord! We have 2 new girls that are STINTing here next year. Please pray for them as the raise support this summer.

  • Our summer mission team arrived last month. Please pray for the 20 students, 3 staff, and 2 children that are involved in serving here this summer and for us as we host them.

  • We head back to the States on June 25th. Please pray for us as we pack up our house and say goodbye to a place and people we love dearly. Please pray we transition well back to life in the States.


Meet Rebecca. She is a student at the largest university in Abidjan. She walks through her dorm every Tuesday night and invites students to watch the Jesus film in her room. What a privilege it is to mentor and coach students like this, who take the initiative to share Christ without even being asked.


May was such a fun month of celebration! I turned 29, Davy and I celebrated 4 years of marriage, and our team took a debrief retreat to reflect on the year and praise God for his provision.


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