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March/April Prayer Letter

Cote d’Ivoire Update

We spent March 11-25 in Cote d’Ivoire. Rebecca and her team of student leaders are still doing an amazing job of getting the gospel to their campus. She said, “we’ve knocked on every door in dorms A & C, so now we are going to B & D.” They organize their own evangelistic outreaches every week, apart from the staff team. Narcisse is done with school and off campus, but has partnered with Cru staff Olivier to use digital strategies to reach the city. We took a trip three hours north and surfaced new leaders and trained current ones. Aiden contracted a 104 degree fever and was in the clinic for a day, but was a trooper and recovered. The American student who went with us is planning on STINTing there after this next school year! In discussing the future with Craig, we are planning a launch trip this fall to take students into a closed country in North Africa. Be praying about helping fund the Ivorian students who will go with us! Above- The chairs we helped Rebecca buy for her Bible study. Stop and pray for those students please!

From top: 1. Us with the old campus directors in IC- Kouadio and Collette. 2. Coloring Bible story handouts with the orphanage kids. 3. Craig teaching at the orphanage. 4. Trip participants sharing the gospel on campus. 5. Eating street chicken and attieke at the Hauquitz house. 6. A typical meal on our distance trip to Yamo.

An important part of our short trips overseas is to encourage the long-term staff there. I took this pic of Craig as we shared the gospel with students up north. Pray for the Hauquitz family, Chrissy, Angelo, and STINTers please!

In Awe

Whirlwind. That’s the best way to describe the transition to Nebraska. Both in the intensity of ministry/life activity and the weather here on the Plains. We could not be happier with how God has been moving to show He is still orchestrating the story of the gospel moving on college campuses in 2019. There has been so much that has happened that we missed a month on our newsletter. Through it all, I (Davy) have had to be reminded over and over that it is God who wills and works to His good pleasure, so my ability to keep track of the details and fully plan the schedule is not the determining factor in the fruitfulness of our work. God is writing a story and we are entering into His narrative. May that also free you to be bold in your sphere of influence. We are so, so grateful for your prayer and partnership. May God richly bless you.

Launching New Movements

I sent the text, assuming I wouldn’t hear back. However, God proved me wrong just a few minutes later when David responded they were eager to get together. David and Bradley, the two freshmen guys at Creighton I mentioned last newsletter, are still excited to launch Cru two months later! And how about this?? - Bradley just happens to work across the street from our San Diego Summer Mission group! So he will take part in their activities! We drove three hours to MidPlains CC where an administrator reached out asking us to come start Cru on their campus. I encountered a young man named Sawyer who asked if we would be doing a summer Bible study. I said, “If I train you, will you lead it?” He said yes! A young woman from India named Ruth helped us do a launch at her Community College SCC here in Lincoln. The student leaders from Wayne State College approached me after our training weekend and said they want me to show them how to reach a campus 40 minutes from their school! The Clarkson administrator who is leaving said another faculty reached out to her and he wants to advise Cru going forward! God is good and at work!

Prayer Requests

  • Praise God for the amazing encounters we’ve had with students here in Nebraska so far. (names mentioned above)

  • Pray for Cru as an organization as we are still going through a major restructure and working out the kinks as people take on new roles.

  • Pray for summer mission trips around the world all summer long.

  • Pray for our family as we figure out life in a new city.

In Joshua 4, the people of Israel pass through the Jordan River. God instructs them to set up an Ebenezer altar to remind future generations of His faithfulness. Every year we do this as a team with bricks/mugs/decor- writing a few things we want to remember that God did that year. Consider doing a similar thing with your friends/family!

How can we pray for you? Head on over to our ABOUT US page and let us know.

Click through to see some recent photos. From L to R: 1. Grammy came visit for Easter! 2. Checking out Memorial Stadium. Go Big Red! 3. There is a lot of brotherly love happening at our house right now. And a lot of mom and dad saying, "be gentle!" 4. Marshal is almost 7 months old. He is starting to crawl and is always full of smiles and giggles. 5. Sweet Aiden got sick in Cote d'Ivoire and had to get an IV. Thankfully, he recovered quickly and enjoyed playing with his friends. 6. We've been enjoying exploring our state. We checked out the Omaha zoo and had a blast.


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