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January Prayer Letter

Back At It

After five months of being away from ministry, first on sabbatical and then on maternity leave, I (Melissa) am so excited to be engaging with college students again. This semester a co-worker and I get to coach a group of eight leaders at UNL. These girls are faithfully leading bible studies on campus and it has been encouraging to hear about the steps of faith they are taking to engage their friends with the gospel. Liz is starting to have spiritual conversations with girls on her Meats Judging team. (judging meats had to be explained to me as a girl who grew up in the suburbs). Clara has been taking a younger girl she is discipling to share the gospel in the student union on campus. Rylie boldly took an opportunity to share her beliefs with her boss during a training day at her part time job. It’s a privilege to mentor these girls and continue to give them tools to invest in the lives of the people around them. Please pray for Liz, Clara, and Rylie and the people they are sharing the gospel with.

Minneapolis Winter Conference

“Before, I kept to myself, but now I know I’m seated with Christ and want to tell others they can be seated too.” Kylie, a Wayne State student, said this during campus debrief at the end of Winter Conference. 650 students gathered from our region. We took 60 from Nebraska!

These precious boys are keeping us busy (and tired) these days. Their favorite activity lately has been dance parties to the Encanto soundtrack.


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