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January Prayer Letter

A Grateful Student

Dusti (just graduated from MSSU in Joplin, MO) has some thoughts to share about her experience with Cru: “Cru was such an important piece of my college experience. I have so many incredible memories from bible studies throughout the week, to fun little get- togethers, to my mission trip to Costa Rica. Cru has impacted my life in such an incredible way and I'm so thankful for my time in this amazing organization and the many friends I have made!” We are so thankful to provide a setting in which students like Dusti can grow, enjoy Christian community, and experience the Lord. Your support is what allows us to devote ourselves to that end. Thank you.

Cru Winter Conference

430 students came to Denver to spend a week encountering the Lord. Here’s what one student said about it- ”I learned more in the past 5 days than my entire Christian life before this. I've always wanted a community where I could truly be myself and be accepted, and I think I've finally found it with you guys.”

Where Are They Now?

2 Tim 2:2 says “What you have learned from me, entrust to reliable men who will be able to teach others also.” In college, Davy invested in Matt. Matt interned with Cru and is now at a seminary getting a degree in Biblical Counseling, active in his local church. Bobby came to Cru meetings drunk sometimes. After surrendering to Christ, he interned and Davy was able to disciple him that year. He then STINTed in Cote d’Ivoire. Now he and his wife are on staff with their church serving the poor in the city. Would you like more resources in order to fill Jesus/Paul’s call to make disciples? Go to to find materials on how to start/continue discipling someone.

Prayer Requests

  • Praise God/Pray for new financial partners. $430/month to go!

  • Our house SOLD! Praise the Lord.We have an offer accepted in Lincoln. Moving up there Feb. 15th if all goes well!

  • Pray for our family in this time of transition.We have all felt the drain of this long season between locations and Aiden has been expressing it recently.

How can we pray for you? Submit a message on our "About Us" page.

Help Us Get Connected

Do you know anyone in Nebraska? Get us connected! (mentors, volunteers, churches, financial support, high school students transitioning to college, college students)

We will need connections to people and churches that can volunteer with us to disciple students at distance campuses. We will train them in how to do it and provide resources.

Aiden saw his first snow! Said,“I’m never going out there again” after feeling the cold. He loves his little brother with lots of kisses and hugs. Marshal is doing great!


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