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February Prayer Letter


Thinking of a national geographic episode after seeing that heading? We don’t blame you! Unfortunate acronym, but it stands for Model-Assist-Watch-Leave. It’s part of a discipleship training we did with students at Wayne State last month. Most of the 20 students who attended raised their hand at the end showing they feel equipped to go and make disciples. Covid restrictions have in many ways helped emphasize the vision and mission of seeing every believer be engaged in their faith as a multiplying disciple rather than relying on the weekly large group worship service to do it for them. Leaders at Wayne and Hastings told us they now understand the importance of small groups and discipleship in reaching their entire campus with the gospel.

Initiating with Freshman

Hallie at Hastings (pictured above at a leaders’ training, top right) is inspired! On a recent Zoom call with my distance women leaders, Hallie mentioned starting a Bible study for freshman. After seeing their need for community and Biblical literacy she took the initiative to invite the freshman in her movement to take part in studying John together this semester. Pray for Hallie and for the growth of these freshman ladies.

Prayer Requests

  • Will we be able to go on Summer Mission to Cote d’Ivoire? Pray we can, for students to apply and please begin to pray if you’ll be able to give a gift to help with expenses (official ask to come soon).

  • Pray for Davy as an x-ray revealed a potential jaw cyst and surgery will likely mean losing a couple teeth.

  • Extreme cold has caused some issues with our house. Pray for water and heat to continue working! We’re praying that you all aren’t experiencing similar issues!

  • February 25th is the collegiate day of prayer. Check out for resources and join us in praying for college students in our nation.

These boys love playing in the snow! Here you can see just how much we’ve gotten over the past few weeks.


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