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August/September Prayer Letter

In Full Swing

The school year began and we hit the ground running! We have been meeting with church/volunteer partners around the state to begin new partnerships and talk about their plan for reaching their campuses. We’ve traveled to Hastings, Columbus, Wayne, Doane, Omaha to help with beginning of the year and tabling to meet new students. Over and over again during tabling we’ve heard things like, “Wow! I didn’t know something like this existed here! I’m really interested.” Davy got to call and talk with the Mid-Plains leaders as we continue to launch that school.

Davy also spoke at Wayne on discipleship and 38 students stayed behind (pictured below) after his talk for additional discipleship training. We gathered 2,000+ contact cards at UNL and have been following up those students. Best yet we’ve seen students coming to Christ. Garrett at Hastings answered “no” on his contact card to meeting with someone about growing spiritually and “maybe” to hearing more about Cru. But when a fellow staffer sent a text asking if he had time to get together he replied “why not.” After hearing the gospel Garret prayed to surrender his life to Christ. We’ve also seen a student at Central Community College and five students at UNL give their life to the Lord. Praise God for these new brothers and sisters in Christ!

Midland University

A small school in Fremont with 32 sports teams. You read that right. 32! I (Melissa) will be training these faculty/coaches pictured to the right to reach their campus. Pray for Malia, Katie, Polly, and Nicky as they seek to invest in the lives of students at Midland.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for the students that gave their lives to the Lord that they would continue in the faith.

  • Pray for the students that went to our Fall Getaway retreat (Sept 20-22). Pray the friendships they built continue to grow deeper and that they stay firm in their resolve to walk with the Lord in college.

  • Pray for our volunteers around the state as they seek to reach their campuses.

Marshal got to come to Doane with us! Here he is helping Allen pass out contact cards during lunch time.

We enjoyed the Iowa State Fair as a family. It was hot but we had a blast checking out the animals, rides, and of course all the fried foods.


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